Trailblazer First-Year-Camper


Again for 2015, Trailblazer will be a half-day program!

A boy's first summer camp experience is a pivotal time in his Scouting career.  Boys who reach the rank of First Class within their first year as a Scout are more likely to stay in Scouting and will quickly be on their way to filling leadership roles in the troop.   

The Camp Friedlander Trailblazer program gives first-year campers a jump-start towards their first rank advancements of Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class.  We pride ourselves on having the most effective first-year-camper program around.  The knowledgeable staff and many outdoor resources available at Camp Friedlander teach Scouts the skills they need to meet requirements while giving them hands-on experience.

Our Trailblazer program accomplishes these objectives:

  • Teach and improve basic Scout skills.
  • Teach the patrol method through practical application.
  • Provide instruction on requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class or First Class in the following skill areas: woods tools, physical fitness, first aid, nature, ropes, cooking, camping, orienteering, swimming, and Scout skills.

The Trailblazer program is tailored to each Scout's needs.  Participants will be placed in patrols with others who need to complete similar rank requirements.  This will allow the first-year camper the best opportunity to progress toward the ranks he needs along with providing the opportunity to earn merit badges during the other half of the day.

To assist the Trailblazer staff with creating appropriate patrols, please complete the Trailblazer Requirements document and submit it at the 10-day out meeting (or prior).

Trailblazer participants have the opportunity to attend the much anticipated outpost on Thursday night.  This night away from the troop in a remote part of the camp puts Scouting skills to the test.  Not only will campers meet some of the outdoor requirements for early ranks, they will also have a great time and feel a sense of achievement for overcoming a new challenge.  Trailblazers will spend a night away from the troop, preparing them for the Scouting adventure ahead.

Participants should bring personal gear they would normally take on a weekend campout.  This includes a tent (small backpacking style recommended), ground cloth, sleeping bag, canteen or water bottle, first aid kit, flashlight, and a compass.  Tents can be shared with other Trailblazer participants.  Scouts will load their gear onto a truck then take a short hike to the outpost site.