Camp Friedlander offers merit badge workshops in the Handicraft and Native American Village program areas. This method of instructing badges allows Scouts to try their hand at several different areas they are interested in, while letting as many Scouts as possible to enjoy these offerings...



What are Workshops?

Some of the less-involved merit badges, such as basketry and art, can be completed in a couple of days rather than five days like most merit badges. What we found is that after the first couple days of instruction, Scouts either lost interest in the badge or had completed all the requirements of a badge and were left with nothing else to do during that time period for the rest of the week! Feedback from our Scoutmasters was that it would be great to find a way for Scouts to use that time more productively. Our solution is to provide workshops instead of scheduled badge times – that way, if Scouts complete one badge early in the week, they can move right on to another one that interests them.

How will the Merit Badges be Taught?

We currently operate two types of workshops.  Native American Village uses the standard workshop senario.  Once Scouts arrive at the workshop during the time they have scheduled, they will divide into classes for the badges that they choose.  If a Scout finishes a badge, he can begin work on another merit badge if he chooses.

Handicraft uses the Power Hour concept.  Scouts that register for Power Hour will work on requrirements for four merit badges throughout the week in a scheduled format.  The schedule will be posted during camp so adults and Scouts will know what is being taught on which days.

Camp staff trained to instruct these badges will teach the Scouts the skills they need and then assist them with their projects. Just like other merit badges, blue cards will be used to track progress, and staff will sign off the cards as requirements are completed.

How Do Scouts Register for Workshops?

Scouts will be registered for the workshops just as they are registered for any other merit badge in the Doubleknot online registration system. If a Scout chooses to work on a badge or badges offered in the Handicraft Power Hour, he should be registered for one of the Handicraft Power Hour time slots. Similarly, if he chooses to work on badge(s) at the Native American Village, he should be registered for one of the workshop periods available there. For specific times, please see the Merit Badge and Program Schedule.