BSA Lifeguard Training


New in 2014!  This will be a half-day program for older Scouts, age 15 and older.  The revised BSA Lifeguard program is focused on the need to provide professional lifeguards for BSA-operated facilities, council aquatics committees, and year-round aquatics programming with training that meets the requirements of government agencies at regulated swimming venues.  The program is also open to adults.

The primary purpose of this training program is no longer to provide units with the skills necessary to conduct safe swimming and boating activities.  Swimming and Water Rescue and Paddle Craft Safety are two new programs designed to meet that need.  BSA Lifeguard is recommended for aquatics staff lifeguard training and for those who wish to work as lifeguards for BSA year-round aquatics programs, or who are supporting council aquatics committees, as the next step beyond the Aquatics Supervision programs for unit leaders.

Participants will need to have previously earned the Swimming, Lifesaving, and First Aid merit badges.

If you are considering applying for summer camp aquatics staff in the future, this is the program for you!