Camp Friedlander Summer Camp Week 1, 2020
(June 14-20, 2020)

Camp Friedlander Summer Camp Week 2, 2020
(June 21-27, 2020)

Camp Friedlander Summer Camp Week 3, 2020
(June 28-July 4, 2020)

Camp Friedlander Summer Camp Week 4, 2020
(July 5-11, 2020 )

Camp Friedlander Summer Camp Week 5, 2020
(July 12-18, 2020)

Camp Friedlander Summer Camp Week 6, 2020
(July 19-25, 2020)

Camp Friedlander Summer Camp Week 7, 2020
(July 26-August 1, 2020)


Camp Friedlander is the premier Scouts BSA Summer Camp program with a wide variety of merit badge options, activities for younger and older Scouts, training opportunities for adult leaders, and some of the best camping facilities in the country. Each summer, thousands of Scouts from across the nation (and the world!) make Camp Friedlander their summer camp home for a fun week of learning, achievement, leadership, and Scouting at its best.


To view currently available campsites, please see the Campsite Availability Chart.

The information found on the PDF linked above is an overview of what campsites are available during the entire summer. Please feel free to print this document and share it with your unit in order to determine the best campsite for your unit. Note that this information is subject to change without notice; please refer to the updated timestamp in the lower right hand corner. When considering a campsite, please compare that of the available campsites to a map of Camp Friedlander.


All payments for summer camp are expected to be made online with either a credit card, or electronic check (routing and account numbers). The person processing the payment should ensure that the billing address is accurate as the payment will not go through otherwise. Camp Friedlander will continue to use a two payment schedule for the upcoming camping season.

Please note, Youth Estimate Deposits are not an additional fee. This deposit, along with the Registration Deposit for your campsite, will be made available to units and should be used to pay for participant fees. 

Youth Estimate Deposits are non-refundable. If the space reserved is not filled by a youth, the money is non-transferable.


FEE DESCRIPTION              REGULAR FEE* (Ends May 1st)                 LATE FEE (Begins May 2nd)

Camper Fee                          $310                                                               $325

Adult Fee                               $100                                                               $100

* Regular Fee applies to Webelos crossovers & newly registered Scouts. Those registered after May 1st can use the discount code: newscoutCF. Incorrect use of the discount will be reassessed the price difference.


PAYMENT DESCRIPTION               AMOUNT                                           PAYMENT DEADLINE

Registration Deposit                        $100 per Unit                                    Due when reserving campsite

Youth Estimate Deposit*                 $30 per Estimated Youth               Due January 23, 2020; after which, 30 days after Unit Registration

Payment 1                                         $155 per Youth, $50 per Adult       Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 9am

Payment 2                                          Remaining Balance                         Friday, May 1, 2020 at midnight

*The Youth Estimate Deposit may be applied to Payment 1 or 2.


DISCOUNT DESCRIPTION                                                           AMOUNT                                      DISCOUNT CODE

A course of DBC NYLT & a week at Camp Friedlander           $100 off the second week         secondsNYLTweek

Two or more weeks at Camp Friedlander                                 $100 off the second+ week      secondsCFweek

* All Second Week Discounts must be applied before full payment, either by using the discount code or by contacting the Outdoor Program Assistant at 513-577-7708. Do not pay the full fee of $310/$325 if you qualify for a Second Week Discount; NO REFUNDS will be given if the discount is not used/requested correctly.


The Dan Beard Council will refund all but $50 per Scout/15% of fees paid per adult for those who contact the Outdoor Program Assistant, 513-577-7708 or Rachel.Ball@scouting.org, no later than 30 days prior to their arrival at camp. You may replace a registration with another, unregistered Scout at no additional fee. NO REFUNDS will be given after the 30-day cancellation deadline except in cases of hardship, such as personal medical reasons, as determined by the Council Camping Director.


Campsite placement is the first step of making a reservation come together. We base campsite placement off of the number of Scouts and adults you expect to attend camp for the upcoming camping season. This number is simply an estimate however it is crucial that it’s accurate so we know how many Scout’s we’ll serve in a given week. When making this reservation, please be aware of the following reservation and payment guidelines:

  • An estimate of Scouts and adult leaders is due with payment.
  • The non-refundable, non-transferable campsite deposit must be paid to hold a campsite for a week of camp.
  • Multiple units sharing a campsite during a single week must each pay a $100 deposit.
  • If all campsites for a week have been selected, but the total Scouts and adult leader estimate does not equal the camp capacity, the camp reserves the right to place multiple units in a campsite.
  • If a unit exceeds the capacity of the campsite, then it is the responsibility of the unit to provide extra tents needed. The camp cannot provide extra tents, cots, or mattresses.
  • If your unit wishes to remain in the same site for a comparable week of camp the next year, a deposit must be made by noon on Friday during that year’s week of camp. If a unit fails to renew their reservation by that time, the campsite will be open for other units to reserve.
  • Campsite deposits are non-refundable; however, they will be applied towards the total camp fees due for your unit.
  • The person named as the Summer Camp Coordinator will be the Dan Beard Council’s main contact for all camp and payment announcements. If this info changes, please inform the Dan Beard Council, Outdoor Program Assistant, as soon as possible.

When you’ve determined the campsite best suited for your unit based upon an estimate of youth and adults, please select the week (on the upper right of this page) then proceed through the reservation process.