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Cub Scout Advancement

cub scout charactersCub Scouting is home and neighborhood centered for the Cub Scout. Advancement involves parental approval of requirements. If a boy is in the second grade (or is 8), he can become a member of a Cub Scout den of perhaps five to eight boys, and his den is one of several that make up a pack. The den meets weekly, often at the home of the den leader. If the boy is in the fourth grade (or is 10); he may become a member of a Webelos den. This den is led by an adult Webelos den leader. A pack may have more than one Webelos den, depending on the number of Webelos Scouts. The Webelos den meets weekly. The pack meets monthly, usually at the building of its chartered organization. This meeting is conducted by the Cubmaster and the pack committee.

Explore the articles to learn more about Cub Scout advancement, the series of Cub Scout ranks, and other tips information to make your advancement program successful and fun!


Cub Scout Ranks


Written by Mike Swofford Friday, 24 August 2012 17:31

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There are five rank badges and the Arrow of Light Award in Cub Scouting. All Cub Scouts, no matter the age, earn their Bobcat rank first. The remainder of the ranks are earned based on a the age of the boy. Unlike Boy Scouts and Venturing, earning one rank is not dependent on another. Instead, a boy earns the rank of his age group whether he has earned previous badges or not (with the exception of the Bobcat Badge). Learn more about each rank badge; for exact requirements, please consult the handbook for that particular rank.

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Cub Scout Advancement Goals


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cub tugowarThe administration of the Cub Scout advancement program is primarily the responsibility of the pack committee, with the support of the district advancement committee, the commissioner staff, and the Council Advancement Committee. Cub Scout advancement can benefit from everyone understanding their role and working towards the following goals.

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Cub Scout Academic and Sports Program


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cub academic letterSince Cub Scouting is designed to be an experience of fun and learning, a Cub Scout can earn belt loops and pins in the Academic and Sports Program. The belt loops and pins may be earned at any time and at any age. There are a number of area of interests including art, baseball, chess, fishing, music, skiing, and many more. After a Scout has completed the requirements, he should be recognized for his hard work.

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