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Advancement and recognition is a fundamental tradition of the Scouting program.  As one of the methods that delivers the Aims of Scouting, advancement teaches Scouts self-confidence, responsibility, goal-setting, and achievement.

The Dan Beard Council offers many opportunities for Scouts to advance on the unit, district, and council levels. The Council Advancement Committee adminsters and promotes the advancement programs and ensures a quality experience for all Scouts.

This site is designed to be a resource for Scouts, leaders, and parents to understand the Cub Sciuting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing advancement programs.  Explore the menu above for information on advancement, awards, policies, and advancement related events and opportunities.


Internet Advancement


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Units can now submit advancement for unit youth members online. Use Internet Advancement to add ranks, merit badges and awards, and update information on existing advancement. Please be aware of the Browser Compatibility Requirements for the Internet Advancement System (click here).  Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 will only work in browser compatibility mode (click here for instructions on how to set your browser to this mode)internet advancement

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Advancement Guidelines and Highlights


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guide to advancementBecause rank badges are a special and protected achievement for a Scout, the BSA and Council Advancement Committee operate under a strict set up guidelines and policies. This not only ensures consistency of the requirements being met, but also prevents those that may not have legitimately earned a badge from obtaining them.The Guide to Advancement published by the National Council, BSA includes the policies and interpretations of advancement guidelines and is the single source for advancement procedures. Read more for a highlight of a selection of important guidelines regarding advancement and the receipt of badges and ranks.

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Cub Scout Ranks


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There are five rank badges and the Arrow of Light Award in Cub Scouting. All Cub Scouts, no matter the age, earn their Bobcat rank first. The remainder of the ranks are earned based on a the age of the boy. Unlike Boy Scouts and Venturing, earning one rank is not dependent on another. Instead, a boy earns the rank of his age group whether he has earned previous badges or not (with the exception of the Bobcat Badge). Learn more about each rank badge; for exact requirements, please consult the handbook for that particular rank.

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Boy Scout Advancement


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scout ranksThe Boy Scout Advancement Program is subtle. It places a series of challenges in front of a Scout in a manner that is fun and educational to a boy. As Scouts meet these challenges, they achieve the aims of Boy Scouting. A boy advances and grows in the Boy Scout program in the same way a plant grows by receiving nourishment in the right environment. The job of adults concerned with advancement is to provide the right environment.

One of the greatest needs of boys is confidence. There are three kinds of confidence that boys need: in themselves, in peers, and in leaders. Educators and counselors agree that the best way to build confidence is through measurement. Self-Confidence is developed by measuring up to a challenge or a standard. Peer Confidence develops when the same measuring system is used for everyone – when all must meet the same challenges to receive equal recognition. Confidence in Leaders comes about when there is consistency in measuring – when leaders use a single standard of fairness.

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